Our agility and ability to tailor solutions to exactly match customer needs is an essential element of our offering. We customize our products to address almost any requirement – from electrical and mechanical interfaces (ICD), through environmental conditions, to standardization and scaling.

Our in-house engineering expertise includes motion control, propulsion and power train, mechanical and avionic structures, advanced production technologies, complex systems integration and meticulous project management. Combined, these capabilities ensure you get the exact solution needed at the top most quality.




In addition to offering customizable products, we build custom solutions from scratch – starting with applicative requirements and advancing through design, prototyping, testing, system integration and serial manufacturing.

Some custom solutions we’ve provided in the past include:

  • Propulsion system components including internal combustion engines, gears, fuel systems and cooling systems
  • High-accuracy test equipment for multiple electro-mechanical systems and propulsion systems
  • Pods and installations, including their civil aviation certification

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Our Engineering


Our secrete sauce for success is a structured engineering process, meticulously applied to every project to ensures high-quality, predictable, timely and economical delivery. Our flow is based on years of experience managing multi-disciplinary projects, from concept stage to full-scale volume manufacturing.

 1. Requirements & specifications  We begin all our customer engagements with a thorough understanding of the system usage modes and operating requirements, after which we analyze and tune the specification.
2. Proof of concept & compliance analysis After evaluating multiple concepts, we focus on the ones with the highest potential and analyze their compliance to the specification. This includes simulation, validation and occasionally empiric testing of sub-systems or of evaluation mockups.
3. Prototype
Already at the early prototype stage we take into account manufacturability, testability and maintainability. This ensures that the transition from prototype to serial production is predictable and smooth.
4. System integration  & lab tests During system level integration we run a thorough mapping of the mechanical and electrical interfaces, modes of operation, software tools and user interface. We then perform complete proof of design within our lab, nailing down all the bits and bytes before going out to for field tests.
5. SOF & Qualification We perform safety of flight (SOF) tests using an airborne platform carefully selected to simulate the final product platform. Qualification processes are run according to the military or civil standards required, with close collaboration with authorized laboratories and test facilities.
 6. Serial manufacturing Building on our rich experience managing mass production processes, we collaborate with hand-picked manufacturers to create a tightly managed process, minimizing lead-time and costs.